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  • Soloing the Angel of Shavano
    Spring is known for being a transitional season, and this is especially true in Colorado. With spring comes a mud-riddled shoulder season, but also slightly more stable snowpack and prime couloir climbing time. "Co... read more →
  • My First Grand Traverse: The Maroon Bells
    Getting permits for the Maroon Bells can be a bit of a headache, so I like to refresh the website they're sold on regularly to see if anything has been freed up. One night, my fiancé and I were at the local bar whe... read more →
  • My Car Camping Setup
    When I was 15 and just beginning to drive on a learner's permit, I remember thinking an SUV would be the coolest. So much room! For whatever you want! And that height off of the road? They just looked awesome. Of c... read more →
  • Solo Scrambling Above Herman Gulch
    On a Thursday this past July, I decided to target a scramble near our home in Clear Creek county. Herman Gulch is known for its profusive wildflower season so it already seemed like a great time to go up that way, ... read more →
  • Reflecting on 2021
    At the beginning of 2021, I hadn't really considered what kind of goal I could set for myself outdoors. Having only ever set running goals and not knowing where to begin for pursuing something larger in this new-to... read more →
  • Hiking Your First Winter Peak
    With calendar winter quickly approaching, I find it helpful to reflect on what worked for me last snowflake season and what definitely didn’t. Although we might not get as much snow this upcoming season with it bei... read more →
  • Summiting My Winter White Whale
    In the fall of 2020, The Year of the Pandemic, I was let go from my role as a software engineer. With a sudden onslaught of free time and raging burnout, I made the choice to start pursuing high peaks in the winter... read more →
  • Packing for a 14er
    I'm incredibly embarrassed to admit it, but I used to think you could get away with little to no gear on a hike in Colorado. On my first hike after moving here in the summer of 2016, I carried a heavy insulated bot... read more →