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Kylie is a mountaineer, software engineer, avid hiker, and photo-taker that spends her time hiking Colorado's high peaks and researching its terrain. Read more about her here.

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Solo Hike the Fisher Towers

→ on the Climb Log

A 4.9 mile and 1,237' hike in Grand County, Utah.

Solo Hike Mount Sneffels

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A 5.5 mile and 2,643' hike in San Juan Range, Colorado.

Hike the Cranberry Trail

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A 2.64 mile and 522' hike in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Hike the K’esugi Ridge Loop

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A 7.46 mile and 1,204' hike in Denali State Park, Alaska.

Hike Tanalian Falls & Lake Kontrashibuna

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A 8.12 mile and 1,112' hike in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Soloing the Angel of Shavano

Spring is known for being a transitional season, and this is especially true in Colorado. With spring comes a mud-riddled shoulder season, but also s...

My First Grand Traverse: The Maroon Bells

Getting permits for the Maroon Bells can be a bit of a headache, so I like to refresh the website they're sold on regularly to see if anything has be...

My Car Camping Setup

When I was 15 and just beginning to drive on a learner's permit, I remember thinking an SUV would be the coolest. So much room! For whatever you want...