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Kylie's Climb Log

Distance Total: 1,627.4 mi

Elevation Total: 511,433 feet

Total Climbs: 255

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date â–˛titledistancegainareastate
11/6/22Nov 6, 2022Solo Hike the Fisher Towers4.9 mi1,237'Grand CountyUtah
10/10/22Oct 10, 2022Solo Hike Mount Sneffels5.5 mi2,643'San Juan RangeColorado
9/24/22Sep 24, 2022Hike the Cranberry Trail2.64 mi522'FairbanksAlaska
9/22/22Sep 22, 2022Hike the K’esugi Ridge Loop7.46 mi1,204'Denali State ParkAlaska
9/20/22Sep 20, 2022Hike Tanalian Falls & Lake Kontrashibuna8.12 mi1,112'Lake Clark National ParkAlaska
9/19/22Sep 19, 2022Hike to Byron Glacier2.13 mi130'Chugach National ForestAlaska
9/11/22Sep 11, 2022Hike Castle & Conundrum Peaks6.2 mi3,620'Elk RangeColorado
9/5/22Sep 5, 2022Hike Mount Antero4.2 mi1,550'Sawatch RangeColorado
9/3/22Sep 3, 2022Hike Uncompahgre Peak7.6 mi3,580'San Juan RangeColorado
8/23/22Aug 23, 2022Backpack Mount Langley20.2 mi4,450'Sequoia National ParkCalifornia
8/21/22Aug 21, 2022Climb Mount Whitney’s Mountaineer’s Route12 mi6,500'Inyo National ForestCalifornia
8/6/22Aug 6, 2022Backpack Chicago Basin20.2 mi7,430'San Juan RangeColorado
7/22/22Jul 22, 2022Climb Windom Peak12.7 mi2,910'San Juan RangeColorado
7/21/22Jul 21, 2022Climb the Eolus Peaks13.8 mi5,875'San Juan RangeColorado
7/16/22Jul 16, 2022Hike Blanca Peak9.6 mi2,380'Sangre de CristosColorado
7/15/22Jul 15, 2022Climb Little Bear Peak7.7 mi3,950'Sangre de CristosColorado
7/9/22Jul 9, 2022Hike Sultan & Spencer Peaks8.1 mi2,990'San Juan RangeColorado
7/1/22Jul 1, 2022Climb Wilson Peak9.6 mi3,670'San Juan RangeColorado
6/23/22Jun 23, 2022Backpack Capitol Creek16.1 mi4,640'Elk RangeColorado
6/12/22Jun 12, 2022Hike Mount Garfield3.6 mi1,736'Book CliffsColorado
6/7/22Jun 7, 2022Solo Hike Cupid Peak3.6 mi1,920'Arapaho National ForestColorado
6/5/22Jun 5, 2022Hike the Huron Lollipop11.3 mi4,140'Sawatch RangeColorado
6/3/22Jun 3, 2022Hike Mount Belford & Oxford11.1 mi5,690'Sawatch RangeColorado
5/28/22May 28, 2022Hike Mount Princeton7 mi3,220'Sawatch RangeColorado
5/26/22May 26, 2022Attempt Mount Sherman3.9 mi1,730'Mosquito RangeColorado
5/22/22May 22, 2022Hike Mushroom Rock3.7 mi820'Red Hill Recreation AreaColorado
5/16/22May 16, 2022Hike Quandary Peak7.25 mi3,360'Tenmile RangeColorado
5/14/22May 14, 2022Hike the Holey Bucket Loop3.15 mi343'Grand JunctionColorado
5/11/22May 11, 2022Sunset Hike Saint Mary’s Glacier2.3 mi807'James Peak WildernessColorado
5/7/22May 7, 2022Hike to Naylor Lake2.36 mi622'Arapaho National ForestColorado
4/7/22Apr 7, 2022Hike Mayflower Gulch3.2 mi610'White River National ForestColorado
3/28/22Mar 28, 2022We Eloped!1.95 mi1,230'Arapaho National ForestColorado
3/19/22Mar 19, 2022Hike to the Goblin’s Lair3.9 mi545'Goblin Valley State ParkUtah
3/18/22Mar 18, 2022Hike to Ruin Arch0.6 mi105'San Rafael SwellUtah
3/18/22Mar 18, 2022Hike Sand Creek Falls3.2 mi804'Capitol Reef National ParkUtah
3/1/22Mar 1, 2022Sunset on Chief Mountain2.7 mi921'Arapaho National ForestColorado
2/19/22Feb 19, 2022Hike Guanella Pass Road4.6 mi1,090'Arapaho National ForestColorado
12/4/21Dec 4, 2021Hike Fletcher’s Southeast Ridge6.5 mi2,320'Tenmile RangeColorado
11/24/21Nov 24, 2021Hike Watrous Gulch2.5 mi700'Arapaho National ForestColorado
11/18/21Nov 18, 2021Hike Missouri Mountain10.3 mi3,930'Sawatch RangeColorado
11/13/21Nov 13, 2021Attempt Mount Sheridan2.1 mi865'Mosquito RangeColorado
10/29/21Oct 29, 2021Solo Snowshoe Castle Peak7.5 mi3,324'Elk RangeColorado
10/21/21Oct 21, 2021Hike Uncompahgre Peak7.5 mi2,753'San Juan RangeColorado
10/17/21Oct 17, 2021Backpack West Maroon Pass13.1 mi3,018'Elk RangeColorado
10/11/21Oct 11, 2021Day Hike to Lake Isabelle6.6 mi1,093'Brainerd Lake Recreation AreaColorado
10/5/21Oct 5, 2021Icy Sunset Climb of Kelso Ridge6.8 mi2,740'Front RangeColorado
10/3/21Oct 3, 2021Day Hike to Capitol Lake12.8 mi2,507'Elk RangeColorado
9/21/21Sep 21, 2021Hike Bierstadt via the Sawtooth6.8 mi2,051'Mount Blue Sky WildernessColorado
9/17/21Sep 17, 2021Attempt Huron's Northwest Slopes4.3 mi1,759'Sawatch RangeColorado
9/14/21Sep 14, 2021Attempt Mount Flora4.1 mi1,289'James Peak WildernessColorado
9/14/21Sep 14, 2021Solo Morning on Morrison3.5 mi1,654'DenverColorado
9/12/21Sep 12, 2021Hike Mount Spalding & Blue Sky5.7 mi2,005'Mount Blue Sky WildernessColorado
9/10/21Sep 10, 2021Sunset Hike Mount Sniktau3.6 mi1,483'Arapaho National ForestColorado
9/9/21Sep 9, 2021Solo Hike Murray & Silver Dollar Lakes4.3 mi923'Arapaho National ForestColorado
8/7/21Aug 7, 2021Backpack the South Colony Lakes10.4 mi2,280'Sangre de CristosColorado
8/6/21Aug 6, 2021Hike Mount Lindsey8.3 mi3,422'Sangre de CristosColorado
7/29/21Jul 29, 2021Climb the Bells Traverse11.1 mi5,230'Elk RangeColorado
7/23/21Jul 23, 2021Hike the Sneffels Lollipop Loop4.6 mi2,313'San Juan RangeColorado
7/21/21Jul 21, 2021Hike the Wetterhorn7.7 mi3,169'San Juan RangeColorado
7/17/21Jul 17, 2021Hike Mount Harvard13.2 mi4,553'Sawatch RangeColorado
7/15/21Jul 15, 2021Solo Climb 'The Citadel'9.4 mi2,900'Arapaho National ForestColorado
7/13/21Jul 13, 2021Climb Pyramid Peak9.5 mi4,196'Elk RangeColorado
7/11/21Jul 11, 2021Sunset Hike Square Top Mountain6.9 mi2,336'Arapaho National ForestColorado
7/8/21Jul 8, 2021Hike Mount Columbia12.3 mi3,934'Sawatch RangeColorado
7/8/21Jul 8, 2021Sunset Climb of Kelso Ridge7 mi2,838'Front RangeColorado
7/7/21Jul 7, 2021Hike Mount Yale9.5 mi3,990'Sawatch RangeColorado
7/4/21Jul 4, 2021Hike Handies East Slopes8.25 mi3,632'San Juan RangeColorado
7/3/21Jul 3, 2021Hike Sunshine & Redcloud Peaks12.4 mi4,646'San Juan RangeColorado
7/1/21Jul 1, 2021Hike Halo Ridge14.8 mi5,394'Sawatch RangeColorado
6/28/21Jun 28, 2021Solo Hike Cupid & Grizzly6.1 mi2,865'Arapaho National ForestColorado
6/26/21Jun 26, 2021Attempt Mount Lindsey8.7 mi3,186'Sangre de CristosColorado
6/24/21Jun 24, 2021Hike Mount Spalding & Grey Wolf5.5 mi2,067'Mount Blue Sky WildernessColorado
6/21/21Jun 21, 2021Backpack Capitol Creek & Climb "K2"17.6 mi4,961'Elk RangeColorado
6/16/21Jun 16, 2021Solo Hike Mount Flora & Eva8.9 mi3,359'James Peak WildernessColorado
6/12/21Jun 12, 2021Hike Lulu Gulch5.2 mi1,473'Sawatch RangeColorado
6/10/21Jun 10, 2021Sunset Summit of Bierstadt7.3 mi2,659'Mount Blue Sky WildernessColorado
6/6/21Jun 6, 2021Hike Sniktau3.7 mi1,520'Arapaho National ForestColorado
5/21/21May 21, 2021Hike the Sanitas Loop3.3 mi1,283'BoulderColorado
5/20/21May 20, 2021Solo Climb the Angel of Shavano8.2 mi4,429'Sawatch RangeColorado
5/15/21May 15, 2021Hike Mount Silverheels8.6 mi3,270'Tenmile RangeColorado
5/13/21May 13, 2021Solo Hike Bear & South Boulder Peaks7.7 mi3,304'BoulderColorado
5/12/21May 12, 2021Afternoon Run up Mount Morrison3.75 mi2,011'DenverColorado
4/30/21Apr 30, 2021Solo Run Mount Morrison3.6 mi1,883'DenverColorado
4/27/21Apr 27, 2021Solo Run the Sanitas Loop3 mi1,320'BoulderColorado
4/26/21Apr 26, 2021Solo Run Mount Falcon8.2 mi1,923'DenverColorado
4/18/21Apr 18, 2021Snowshoe the South Colony Lakes8.2 mi1,778'Sangre de CristosColorado
4/14/21Apr 14, 2021Snowshoe the Loch5 mi1,225'Rocky Mountain National ParkColorado
4/12/21Apr 12, 2021Hike Mount Falcon's Castle Loop7.5 mi1,900'DenverColorado
4/11/21Apr 11, 2021Trail Run Mount Morrison3.6 mi1,975'DenverColorado
4/10/21Apr 10, 2021Hike Sherman's South Slopes7.9 mi2,365'Mosquito RangeColorado
4/8/21Apr 8, 2021Solo Run Mount Galbraith5.4 mi1,486'DenverColorado
4/3/21Apr 3, 2021Solo Snowshoe Humboldt Peak13.2 mi4,938'Sangre de CristosColorado
3/29/21Mar 29, 2021Sunrise on Pennsylvania3.4 mi1,300'Mosquito RangeColorado
3/27/21Mar 27, 2021Attempt Humboldt Peak10.4 mi3,578'Sangre de CristosColorado
3/16/21Mar 16, 2021Backpack Little Death Hollow28.8 mi2,208'Escalante- Grand StaircaseUtah
3/14/21Mar 14, 2021Hike the Corona and Bowtie Arches2.3 mi423'Arches National ParkUtah
3/9/21Mar 9, 2021Solo Climb Mount Lady Washington10.2 mi3,830'Rocky Mountain National ParkColorado
3/6/21Mar 6, 2021Hike La Plata Peak10.5 mi5,660'Sawatch RangeColorado
3/2/21Mar 2, 2021Hike Mount Bierstadt11 mi3,300'Mount Blue Sky WildernessColorado
3/1/21Mar 1, 2021Solo Summit Horseshoe Mountain10.8 mi3,050'Mosquito RangeColorado
2/27/21Feb 27, 2021Hike Galbraith via Nightbird5.3 mi1,362'DenverColorado
2/26/21Feb 26, 2021Snowshoe Guanella Pass3.6 mi745'Mount Blue Sky WildernessColorado
2/21/21Feb 21, 2021Hike the Twin Sisters7.9 mi3,422'Rocky Mountain National ParkColorado
2/20/21Feb 20, 2021Hike Miner’s Peak4 mi1,200'James Peak WildernessColorado
2/15/21Feb 15, 2021Hike the Royal Arch4 mi1,616'BoulderColorado
2/14/21Feb 14, 2021Valentine’s Day on Cupid4 mi1,606'Arapaho National ForestColorado
2/13/21Feb 13, 2021Hike the 2nd Flatiron3.9 mi1,421'BoulderColorado
2/10/21Feb 10, 2021Hike the Flatirons4 mi1,512'BoulderColorado
2/8/21Feb 8, 2021Solo Hike the Flatirons & Royal Arch Loop5 mi2,412'BoulderColorado
2/7/21Feb 7, 2021Hike the Barr Trail5.5 mi1,879'Pike National ForestColorado
2/6/21Feb 6, 2021Solo Hike Green Mountain3.8 mi749'DenverColorado
1/31/21Jan 31, 2021Attempt Humboldt Peak12.75 mi4,816'Sangre de CristosColorado
1/24/21Jan 24, 2021Hike the Greyrock Loop7.6 mi2,468'Cache la Poudre WildernessColorado
1/19/21Jan 19, 2021Hike Mount Democrat5.9 mi2,967'Tenmile RangeColorado
1/16/21Jan 16, 2021Attempt Horseshoe Peak5.5 mi1,290'Mosquito RangeColorado
1/13/21Jan 13, 2021Hike Pikes Peak16.2 mi4,757'Pike National ForestColorado
1/11/21Jan 11, 2021Solo Hike the Incline3.8 mi1,914'Pike National ForestColorado
1/7/21Jan 7, 2021Hike Chasm Lake8.2 mi2,541'Rocky Mountain National ParkColorado
1/6/21Jan 6, 2021Attempt Mount Flora5.1 mi1,888'James Peak WildernessColorado
1/3/21Jan 3, 2021Hike Chief Mountain2.8 mi950'Arapaho National ForestColorado
1/1/21Jan 1, 2021Snowshoe North Star Mountain4.8 mi2,251'Tenmile RangeColorado
12/27/20Dec 27, 2020Snowshoe Herman Gulch6.2 mi1,652'Arapaho National ForestColorado
12/17/20Dec 17, 2020Solo Hike Mills & Loch Lake6.6 mi1,258'Rocky Mountain National ParkColorado
12/12/20Dec 12, 2020Attempt Mount Massive9.3 mi1,686'Sawatch RangeColorado
12/3/20Dec 3, 2020Solo Hike Green Mountain5 mi846'DenverColorado
11/27/20Nov 27, 2020Attempt Horseshoe Mountain3.25 mi450'Mosquito RangeColorado
11/22/20Nov 22, 2020Hike to Grizzly Lake7 mi1,283'Sawatch RangeColorado
11/3/20Nov 3, 2020Election Day Hike up Quandary Peak6.6 mi3,391'Tenmile RangeColorado
10/13/20Oct 13, 2020Attempt Mount Audobon6.3 mi1,809'Brainerd Lake Recreation AreaColorado
10/10/20Oct 10, 2020Hike Mount Sniktau4 mi1,384'Arapaho National ForestColorado
10/4/20Oct 4, 2020Hike Mount Belford8.2 mi4,504'Sawatch RangeColorado
9/27/20Sep 27, 2020Sunrise Hike the Blue Lakes9.7 mi1,435'Brainerd Lake Recreation AreaColorado
9/20/20Sep 20, 2020Backpack the Lost Creek Loop30.7 mi6,051'Lost Creek WildernessColorado
8/29/20Aug 29, 2020Backpack Lower Mohawk Lake5.9 mi1,411'Tenmile RangeColorado
8/23/20Aug 23, 2020Hike Kelso Ridge to Torreys & Grays Peaks7.5 mi3,560'Front RangeColorado
8/17/20Aug 17, 2020Backpack Longs Peak13.5 mi5,144'Rocky Mountain National ParkColorado
8/8/20Aug 8, 2020Summit Redcloud Peak9 mi3,700'San Juan RangeColorado
7/31/20Jul 31, 2020Hike Dyer, Sherman, and Gemini Peaks12.25 mi3,750'Mosquito RangeColorado
6/25/20Jun 25, 2020Backpack Mirror and Cataract Lakes17.3 mi3,906'Gore RangeColorado
5/31/20May 31, 2020Border Line & Old Mill Loop8.5 miStaunton State ParkColorado
5/22/20May 22, 2020Backpack Spirit and Stewart Lakes13.5 mi3,015'Pecos WildernessNew Mexico
3/24/20Mar 24, 2020Hike Chief Mountain3.1 mi950'Arapaho National ForestColorado
3/15/20Mar 15, 2020Hike the Fall River Road Reservoir2.9 mi379'Arapaho National ForestColorado
2/17/20Feb 17, 2020Hike to Pancake Rocks7.4 mi990'Pike National ForestColorado
1/18/20Jan 18, 2020Hike Hidden Valley2.5 mi650'South Mountain PreserveArizona
10/13/19Oct 13, 2019Hike Bear Peak8.1 mi2,890'BoulderColorado
10/6/19Oct 6, 2019Hike Hell's Hole8.9 mi1,727'Arapaho National ForestColorado
10/5/19Oct 5, 2019Hike Mount Elbert9.5 mi4,700'Sawatch RangeColorado
9/28/19Sep 28, 2019Attempt Longs Peak12 mi3,700'Rocky Mountain National ParkColorado
9/21/19Sep 21, 2019Hike the Moss Lodge Waterfall1.1 mi708'Uinta- Wasatch National ForestUtah
9/21/19Sep 21, 2019Hike Donut Falls3.4 mi750'Uinta- Wasatch National ForestUtah
9/2/19Sep 2, 2019Hike the DeCaLiBron7.25 mi3,482'Mosquito RangeColorado
8/22/19Aug 22, 2019Backpack the Upper Crater Lake8.3 mi1,893'James Peak WildernessColorado
8/10/19Aug 10, 2019Hike to the High Dune4.2 mi780'Great Sand Dunes National ParkColorado
7/14/19Jul 14, 2019Hike Mount Massive7.25 mi3,950'Sawatch RangeColorado
7/12/19Jul 12, 2019Hike Mount Sherman8.5 mi3,100'Mosquito RangeColorado
7/7/19Jul 7, 2019Hike Mount Bierstadt7 mi2,850'Mount Blue Sky WildernessColorado
7/4/19Jul 4, 2019Hike Torreys Peak7.5 mi3,000'Front RangeColorado
6/24/19Jun 24, 2019Hike Saint Mary's Glacier1.9 mi807'James Peak WildernessColorado
6/23/19Jun 23, 2019Hike Mount Falcon Upper Loop3.9 mi538'DenverColorado
5/26/19May 26, 2019Backpack McCurdy/Brookside11.1 mi2,871'Pike National ForestColorado
5/25/19May 25, 2019Hike Raspberry Mountain5.2 mi1,015'Pike National ForestColorado
5/24/19May 24, 2019Hike the Cross Trail3.9 mi1,480'Glenwood CanyonColorado
4/15/19Apr 15, 2019Hike Delicate Arch2.9 mi600'Arches National ParkUtah
4/13/19Apr 13, 2019Backpack Little Death Hollow19 mi1,230'Escalante- Grand StaircaseUtah
4/7/19Apr 7, 2019Hike Mount Galbraith4 mi930'DenverColorado
3/31/19Mar 31, 2019Hike the Canyon Rim Trail3.9 mi351'Cañon CityColorado
3/30/19Mar 30, 2019Hike Tanner Trail12.2 mi3,881'Cañon CityColorado
3/17/19Mar 17, 2019Solo Hike Greyrock6.3 mi2,129'Cache la Poudre WildernessColorado
2/24/19Feb 24, 2019Hike Mount Falcon7.5 mi1,900'DenverColorado
2/17/19Feb 17, 2019Hike Evergreen Summit Loop4.2 mi816'Alderfer Three Sisters Open SpaceColorado
2/3/19Feb 3, 2019Hike Black Bear to Horseshoe Trail5.8 mi1,388'Golden Gate Canyon State ParkColorado
1/19/19Jan 19, 2019Hike Burro Trail5.2 mi1,620'Golden Gate Canyon State ParkColorado
12/28/18Dec 28, 2018Hike Sunrise Peak3.6 mi1,112'McDowell Sonoran PreserveArizona
12/27/18Dec 27, 2018Solo Hike Sunrise Peak3.6 mi1,112'McDowell Sonoran PreserveArizona
12/26/18Dec 26, 2018Solo Hike Telegraph Pass2.8 mi650'South Mountain PreserveArizona
12/25/18Dec 25, 2018Hike Telegraph Pass2.2 mi482'South Mountain PreserveArizona
12/24/18Dec 24, 2018Solo Hike Piestewa Peak2.2 mi1,150'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
9/8/18Sep 8, 2018Hike Bergen Peak10.3 mi2,227'Mount Blue Sky WildernessColorado
8/26/18Aug 26, 2018Hike Upper Saint Mary's Glacier5.2 mi1,220'James Peak WildernessColorado
8/21/18Aug 21, 2018Attempt West Spanish Peak6.9 mi2,230'Sangre de CristosColorado
8/18/18Aug 18, 2018Hike Cliff Palace0.4 mi115'Mesa Verde National ParkColorado
8/15/18Aug 15, 2018Hike Mushroom Rock3.3 mi880'Red Hill Open SpaceColorado
7/14/18Jul 14, 2018Hike Ten Falls7.1 mi1,095'Ten Falls State ParkOregon
7/2/18Jul 2, 2018Hike Piestewa Peak2.2 mi1,150'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
6/30/18Jun 30, 2018Hike Devil's Bridge3.9 mi521'SedonaArizona
5/20/18May 20, 2018Backpack Havasu Falls20.6 mi2,807'Grand Canyon National ParkArizona
4/29/18Apr 29, 2018Hike Land's End3.4 mi538'San FranciscoCalifornia
4/22/18Apr 22, 2018Hike Sunrise Peak3.6 mi112'McDowell Sonoran PreserveArizona
4/14/18Apr 14, 2018Hike Picacho Peak3.2 mi2,100'Picacho State ParkArizona
4/9/18Apr 9, 2018Hike the Ridgeline Trail3.7 mi693'South Mountain PreserveArizona
4/8/18Apr 8, 2018Hike Camelback via the Cholla Trail2.6 mi1,120'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
4/1/18Apr 1, 2018Hike Tom's Thumb4 mi1,236'McDowell Sonoran PreserveArizona
3/24/18Mar 24, 2018Hike Butcher Jones4.3 mi419'Tonto National ForestArizona
3/16/18Mar 16, 2018Hike Piestewa Peak2.2 mi1,150'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
3/10/18Mar 10, 2018Hike Flatiron Peak6.2 mi2,940'Tonto National ForestArizona
3/4/18Mar 4, 2018Hike Piestewa Peak2.2 mi1,150'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
2/11/18Feb 11, 2018Hike Hidden Valley & Petroglyphs Loop3.6 mi925'South Mountain PreserveArizona
1/12/18Jan 12, 2018Hike Camelback Mountain2.5 mi1,410'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
12/30/17Dec 30, 2017Hike the Airport Loop3.2 mi416'SedonaArizona
12/30/17Dec 30, 2017Hike Cathedral Rock1.2 mi750'SedonaArizona
12/27/17Dec 27, 2017Hike Picacho Peak3.2 mi2,100'Picacho State ParkArizona
12/16/17Dec 16, 2017Hike the Kiwanis Trail2.7 mi577'South Mountain PreserveArizona
12/15/17Dec 15, 2017Hike Piestewa Peak2.2 mi1,150'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
12/14/17Dec 14, 2017Hike Piestewa Peak2.2 mi1,150'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
11/29/17Nov 29, 2017Hike Pusch Peak3.7 mi2,657'TucsonArizona
11/27/17Nov 27, 2017Hike Camelback Mountain2.5 mi1,410'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
11/23/17Nov 23, 2017Hike to Dobbins Lookout4 mi997'South Mountain PreserveArizona
11/21/17Nov 21, 2017Hike the Meridian Trail5.3 mi262'Usery Mountain Regional ParkArizona
11/19/17Nov 19, 2017Hike Picacho Peak3.2 mi2,099'Picacho State ParkArizona
11/17/17Nov 17, 2017Hike Piestewa Peak2.2 mi1,150'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
11/12/17Nov 12, 2017Hike Tom's Thumb4 mi1,236'McDowell Sonoran PreserveArizona
10/21/17Oct 21, 2017Hike Dreamy Draw2.1 mi220'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
10/6/17Oct 6, 2017Solo Hike Green Mountain4 mi720'BoulderColorado
9/23/17Sep 23, 2017Hike "A" Mountain0.9 mi232'ScottsdaleArizona
8/26/17Aug 26, 2017Hike Dobbins Lookout4 mi997'South Mountain PreserveArizona
8/18/17Aug 18, 2017Hike Piestewa Peak2.2 mi1,150'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
8/13/17Aug 13, 2017Hike Camelback Mountain2.5 mi1,410'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
8/8/17Aug 8, 2017Hike Camelback via the Cholla Trail2.6 mi1,120'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
8/7/17Aug 7, 2017Hike Piestewa Peak2.2 mi1,150'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
8/1/17Aug 1, 2017Hike Striped Peak4.9 mi1,289'Olympic National ParkWashington
7/31/17Jul 31, 2017Hike Hurricane Ridge3.4 mi826'Olympic National ParkWashington
7/25/17Jul 25, 2017Hike Piestewa Peak2.2 mi1,150'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
7/19/17Jul 19, 2017Hike Church Rock3.9 mi418'Red Rock ParkNew Mexico
7/12/17Jul 12, 2017Hike Kanarra Falls5.5 mi912'Zion National ParkUtah
7/2/17Jul 2, 2017Hike Angel's Landing4.2 mi1,620'Zion National ParkUtah
6/19/17Jun 19, 2017Hike Bright Angel to South Kaibab16.7 mi10,830'Grand Canyon National ParkArizona
6/14/17Jun 14, 2017Hike Seven Falls6.8 mi925'TucsonArizona
6/8/17Jun 8, 2017Hike the Waterfall Trail4.9 mi295'Cave Creek Regional ParkArizona
5/11/17May 11, 2017Hike Weaver's Needle12.4 mi2,844'Superstition WildernessArizona
5/3/17May 3, 2017Hike Yavapai Point3 mi449'Lake Pleasant Regional ParkArizona
4/5/17Apr 5, 2017Hike the Go John Trail5.9 mi849'Cave Creek Regional ParkArizona
3/30/17Mar 30, 2017Hike Mormon-National Loop4.7 mi1,167'South Mountain PreserveArizona
3/22/17Mar 22, 2017Hike Camelback Mountain2.5 mi1,410'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
2/14/17Feb 14, 2017Hike Watson Lake4.5 mi370'PrescottArizona
2/10/17Feb 10, 2017Hike Butcher Jones5.8 mi620'Tonto National ForestArizona
1/21/17Jan 21, 2017Hike Tom's Thumb3.2 mi1,140'McDowell Sonoran PreserveArizona
1/17/17Jan 17, 2017Hike Sunset Trail to Picacho Peak6.5 mi907'Picacho State ParkArizona
1/8/17Jan 8, 2017Hike to Wind Cave2.9 mi800'Usery Mountain Regional ParkArizona
1/6/17Jan 6, 2017Hike Hole in the Rock1.8 mi328'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
12/22/16Dec 22, 2016Hike the Kings Canyon Loop2.2 mi291'Saguaro National ParkArizona
12/16/16Dec 16, 2016Hike Holbert Trail to Dobbins Lookout4 mi997'South Mountain PreserveArizona
12/14/16Dec 14, 2016Solo Hike Piestewa Peak2.2 mi1,150'Phoenix Mountain PreserveArizona
12/7/16Dec 7, 2016Solo Hike Kitchen Mesa1.8 mi192'Chama River Canyon WildernessNew Mexico
12/2/16Dec 2, 2016Hike Devil's Bridge4.2 mi440'SedonaArizona
11/6/16Nov 6, 2016Solo Hike Bear Peak8.1 mi2,890'BoulderColorado
10/30/16Oct 30, 2016Solo Hike Saint Mary's Glacier1.9 mi807'James Peak WildernessColorado
10/2/16Oct 2, 2016Solo Hike Long Lake2.6 mi120'Brainerd Lake Recreation AreaColorado
9/30/16Sep 30, 2016Hike Saint Mary's Glacier1.9 mi807'James Peak WildernessColorado
9/17/16Sep 17, 2016Solo Hike Mitchell Lake2.6 mi275'Brainerd Lake Recreation AreaColorado
9/10/16Sep 10, 2016Solo Hike Surprise Lake9.4 mi2,332'Brainerd Lake Recreation AreaColorado
9/3/16Sep 3, 2016Solo Hike Beaver Brook5 mi1,122'Arapaho National ForestColorado
8/26/16Aug 26, 2016Solo Hike Saint Mary's Glacier1.9 mi807'James Peak WildernessColorado
8/11/16Aug 11, 2016Backpack Snow Creek Falls10.4 mi2,979'Yosemite National ParkCalifornia
7/27/15Jul 27, 2015Hike Lake Isabelle8.4 mi1,660'Brainerd Lake Recreation AreaColorado